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Live your BEST life

There is a Power in the Universe that is calling you. It is Infinite, Intelligent and ready to bring you to your highest potential, your greatest JOY, true happiness and your best life. Ernest Holmes wrote, "...there is nothing in you which denies that which you desire."


The Life you are seeking,

is seeking YOU!


"no one else can grow us;

we must grow for ourselves..."

Thomas Troward

I’m Barbara Schreiner-Trudel. I’m an ordained minister, speaker, author, coach and a person who knows the value of living from your True Authentic Self. I experienced a spiritual awakening when I was 27 years old and my life was changed forever. I had a feeling of love, acceptance,  and of being cherished. This was a powerful and new experience. Prior to this I was living a painful, destructive life, I was angry, suicidal, and generally hateful. My life was hard.


Acknowledging Spirit as Love allowed me to release my anger and to begin the journey of remembering my wholeness and my rightful place in the Universe. I now know that creating a loving, healthy, joyful life requires an awareness of our true value and worth.  It requires Self-Love.

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