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Just One You

JOY is an acronym for Just One You. I will assist you in unlocking the potential that you possess. Coming to acknowledge your genius is the start of a powerful and profitable journey which will have a positive impact on every area of your life. You are created unique and special, like everyone else. As you bring forth your talents and you begin to live from your sacred authentic self you bring that genius into play. Your career, relationships, finances, and health are improved as a result of you sharing your unique genius. Life gets better and your world is better as a result. 

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"Get it into your consciousness that you live in substance as a fish lives in water . . . Can the fish of the sea ever lack for water? Can you, having your being in the sea of Infinite-substance, ever really lack for a sufficiency of creativity or ideas or money or opportunities in any time of need?" Eric Butterworth reminds us in straight forward, language that we have the power and the means within us to live abundantly. Join this class and expand your understanding of life and how it works for us.

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The power of prayer has been proven many times. Join this in depth look at how to manifest your health, wealth, love, career, etc through the power of affirmative prayer. As we come to recognize that we are part of an  intelligent Universe that responds to us, through us, we can begin to reframe our thinking realizing that we will See It when we Believe It. Join us...

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Toronto, ON M1J 1R6

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