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My Story

Dad, Mom & me
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Age 16 with my baby girl, Arlene
Me, Brenda, Shelly, Darlene, Perry,
Brent & Gerald
my siblings - at Darlene's wedding

and so it begins...

I am the eldest of four children and somehow I never managed to find a way to please those around me. Maybe at first I did? My memories are of always being a challenge for my mom. My parents angry outbursts terrified me and one day it all ended. My parents divorced when I was 11.

When my parents split I felt humiliated. No one I knew had divorced parents and this left me angry, hurt and confused. I was scared everyone would know and judge us. I was so angry and my life grew out of humiliation, anger, and hatred.

Life was hard and then got worse. Sexually assaulted at age 12 and raped at 14. Drugs, alcohol, boys, pain. Struggling with low self-esteem , a need to be loved, I continued to make questionable choices. Pregnant at 15 married at 16 and divorced at 18 is only the beginning of my personal hell.  Married again, two more children, infidelity, heartache, I was filled with hatred, anger and dread. And then the miracle...

At age 27mother of three and my life changed. I experienced a spiritual awakening and everything changed. I experienced the Universe as Love. This was a beginning, many more changes were needed. Somehow Life carried me through and eventually I found my Self. My journey was filled with hardship and terrible decisions and then I found my Path. Deepak Chopra wrote, "Our failures are stepping stones in the mechanics of creation, bringing us ever closer to our goals. In reality, there us no such thing as failure. What we call failure is just a mechanism through which we can learn to do things right." I have learned to do things right.

Today I am happily married. I have a terrific family; four children, two grandchildren and a great grandson. I do work I love and most importantly - I love myself. There are still bumps in the road but my inner strength and confidence carries me through.


Change is a constant, however, we can learn to navigate our way through. The challenges we face, the fear we overcome, it can all lead to a fulfilling life with great rewards. We have the power within us to create fulfillment and joy. I am grateful for the experiences of my life  - the ups and the downs - all of it brought me to this NOW moment. I love my life today. I am Dancing With the Universe sharing Love, Light and Joy and you are invited to join me in the awakening of self love.

Me, Dad, Perry, Shelly & Darlene
My fun loving kids...
Curtis, Rye, Arlene, Geneviève
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Getting it right, Oct 6, 2002
Barbara & Pierre

My Spiritual Journey

When I experienced my first Spiritual Epiphany I felt the call to ministry. I didn't know how that would happen, I simply followed the path that was opening before me and by putting one foot in front of the other I eventually arrived. It wasn't easy but it was simple. focus on what is right in front of you and pay attention to the sign posts along the way. I gradually came to understand that I was the curator of my life experience. I discovered that as I changed my thinking, as I made better choices, my life improved. Everything I needed for a successful I was born with. This new awareness allowed me to take responsibility for my life and everything which had occurred. It gave me a new understanding of what might be possible for me moving forward. Sometimes the changes have seemed slow and arduos but always things have progressed for the better. My relationship with Spirit, the Universe is most important. I know my Oneness with Life and therefore I listen to my heart and live life from my Sacred Authentic Voice. I have come to know myself in a deeper way and this journey to self continues everyday. 

My Professional Journey

In 1998 I was Licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living and became the Sr. Minister of the Okanagan Centre for Positive Living in Vernon, BC where I served for 18 months. In 2000 I headed to Toronto and founded the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto with Rev Connie Phelps.  Rev Connie left for Winnipeg, MB in February of 2002. I served as Sr. Minister to this congregation until 2011. In September 2011 I began working with The Rev Evan Reid at Verity Centre for Better Living and finished my assignment with Verity as of January 1, 2022. The Centre for spiritual Living Toronto was  closed  in February 2020. In August, 2021 Rev Barbara Bue of the Centers for Spiritual Living approached me and asked if I would start another Centre in Toronto and I said Yes!  I founded the Centre for Spiritual Living On the Lake in October of 2021 and currently serve as Senior Minister. In 2020 I received my second Ordination with Unity Worldwide Ministries and I serve on the Unity Canada Board of Directors as the Prayer Chaplain.

My Vision

Barbara  is a New Thought Minister, Speaker, Author, Coach and is committed to helping you reach your true potential by discovering and

living from your sacred authentic Self. She healed her life and you can to.

Each of us come into life with the abilities needed to create a happy, healthy and productive life. The difficulties we face generally begin with navigating the world we find ourselves in. The healing journey must be taken from the inside out and yet we are trained to live from our reactions to the world, the people, and the events around us. My life has taught me to begin within myself. The Light in me is the creative force and I have the power to direct it. Ernest Holmes wrote; "Change your thinking, change your life." I invite you to prove it for yourself.

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