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Navigating the changing landscape of business today requires a commitment to change, a commitment to evolve. Everything changed in 2020 and our approach to business and to each other must also change. The areas that require our attention include:

·       Mental Health & Mental Wellness

·       Personal Development & Growth

·       Resilience & Adversity

Managers and staff keep our businesses growing. Ensuring their well being and providing a safe and comfortable work environment is the key to productivity. My approach to motivating people is to find their genius and then to assist them in using that genius to improve productivity. Me expertise is in acknowledging the gifts we all possess.

As we navigate the ever changing landscape of life there is one thing we can count on - ourself. Learning to love and accept ourself, as we are, is essential to our success. It is essential to the success we experience at work, at home and at play. Motivating people is the key to our success. Reminding and celebrating the individuals who work with us and for us is the necessary change we must adapt into. Happy people are successful people.

"...when we make the grand discovery of how to live

naturally, we shall find it to be all, and more than all, a perpetual joy to ourselves, and we shall radiate light and life wherever we go."

– Thomas Troward

The Hidden Power


JOY is an acronym for Just One You! There is Just One You, JOY happens when you live your authentic Truth!

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My Story

My parents divorced when I was 11 and I felt humiliated. No one I knew had divorced parents and this left me angry hurt and confused. Struggling with low self-esteem I made some questionable choices moving forward. Pregnant at 15 married at 16 and divorced at 18 is only the beginning of my struggles. As I reflect back over my life and the journey that has brought me here I am grateful. Life was hard, four failed marriages, parenting on my own, struggling to provide for my family and seeking a better life - no small feat. Today I am happily married, do work I love and most importantly - I love myself. Change is a challenge for all of us I am sure, however, the challenge brings great rewards. 

My Bio

I am an international speaker, workshop facilitator, coach and author.  Assisting people in changing their lives for the better is my gift. The past few years have been traumatic for most of us, it is my desire to inspire you to move from trauma to triumph. We all experience life a little differently, what is traumatic for one person may be a minor challenge for someone else. The truth is, our experiences are personal and how we feel about an event may limit us or inspire us. A negative experience may impact every aspect of our lives - our work, our relationships, our health, our finances, our success. It doesn't have to. It is essential that each one of us respect our own personal journey and then bring our best self into all our endeavours. As we shift our perspective, we begin to feel inspired and hopeful. This creates success individually and collectively. My greatest passion is creating an environment of acceptance, compassion, kindness and respect for everyone.  I am the Executive Producer and host of 'The JOY Show' and Executive Producer and co-host of Spirit Cafe, both shows air on the New Thought Media Network. I serve on the Toronto PWA foundation Board of Directors, and Unity Canada's Board of Directors. I am an Ordained Minister with the Centres for Spiritual Living and Unity Worldwide Ministries, studied Journalism in college, a Realtor and spent 10 years in advertising with the Calgary Herald.  My past achievements include serving as a member of the ACCHO Council working to create the ‘IT Takes Courage’ campaign, recipient of the President's Award for Southam Inc, a top producer in Real Estate. I am the author of five self-help books, and the sixth, a children’s book, will be published soon. My JOY comes from bringing GOOD into the world.


I look forward to connecting with you.


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