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Your Journey begins here...

I have lived a colorful life filled with hardship, but now I enjoy a life filled with love and joy. There came a moment in my life when change was necessary. I changed my life, and you can too. My books are tools you can use to shift your life into a place of real and lasting joy. Since 1995, I have been speaking and coaching thousands of people to live in joy. I have inspired people to create new careers, fulfilling relationships, experience greater fulfillment, freedom and peace of mind. It is my sincere desire to have you experience more joy in your life, beginning today...


Welcome to your 30-day journey of transformation.

By taking it one day at a time change happens. These journals provide you with daily inspiration to assist you in uncovering your unique nature. They will empower you to be your Best Self and to live your Best Life. Order you copies TODAY!

Enjoy the journey.


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