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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is the process of awakening the best of yourself. Barbara listens as you tell your sacred stories. She will assist you in recognizing your unique gifts. This work helps you to have an experience of the Divine and to deepen your relationship with the spiritual aspect of your humanity. Through your time together she may share the process of spiritual mind treatment,  meditation, forgiveness, gratitude, journalling and visioning to support you in achieving your greatest dreams. Spiritual coaching is not psychotherapy, or counselling. Spiritual coaching is specific to your spiritual journey. Whether you are taking the first steps to uncovering your dreams, or have been meditating for decades, Barbara as your spiritual coach is valuable. She will take into consideration your unique personality and temperament. Your spiritual journey is a place to reflect on how to enhance your current spiritual practice or to begin a spiritual practices. The stages of spiritual development in your life are as unique as you are. Through Spiritual Mind Treatment, contemplation, meditation, and journalling you evolve spiritually. This practice spirituality nourishes your soul and awakens you to living your best life.

To discuss your spiritual path with Barbara please email her at:

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