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Barbara Schreiner-Trudel.jpeg

A joyful reminder

JOY could have seemed illusive In the long stretch of gloomy days leading up to the weekend, but just as the lovely sunshine arrived, so did you, lifting up our spirits with your loving talk reminding us that our path to JOY doesn’t come from circumstances, but from living our authentic selves. 

~JH, Kitchener

A guiding force

Barbara Schreiner-Trudel is a light to this world. As a spiritual leader, friend, confidante and guiding force, she has impacted my life is numerous ways. She has joined me in marriage, supported me through parenting, encouraged my career and life path, nurtured me through a life-threat-ening illness, and has been a constant beacon of inspiration. I value her deeply, and am grateful to the Universe that she has touched my life!

   ~CW, Halifax

Barbara Schreiner-Trudel_edited.jpg

Mind shifting

Barbara is amazing; mind shifting. She made a difference in the way I thought about things. She is motivating and an incredible force not to be reckoned with.

   ~RR, Toronto

Life changing

The value, message, and delivery she brings to our world is phenomenal and Life changing.

   ~AD, California

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